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How to change your skin drastically without spending a fortune

Hey loves! How you doing?? Quarantine has been difficult for me lately, emotionally and physically. My skin is not doing any better too. Maskne has been killing me lately and its so annoying because my skin was at its best the past few months. So I’ve decided to look it up, make few changes and see how it goes..

The more I was looking the more frustrated I was. I didn’t want to spend a fortune again on new skincare, I hate the transitioning period when your skin breaks out more until finally adapting to the new routine and frankly I was pretty tired with everything and didn’t need the extra stress at this point.

So I decided to start with the basics :

Change your pillowcase frequently

Every other day to be precise. It is a great way to keep your skin clean without buying anything new! Pillow cases (and beddings actually) can host bacteria even when they look clean. Sweats, dust, humidity are only few factors that can help bacteria grow in only few hours. So keeping your pillowcase clean is a great an easy way to keep your skin clean! If you want to invest a liiiiittle bit you can purchase a satin pillowcase which has proven to help with wrinkles too (kill two birds with one stone). Again there’s no need to spend a fortune, you can find some great products on Amazon and eBay. This simple trick is going to help so much, not just with acne and skin dullness but also with your sleeping quality.

Sleep at last 8 hours

Now that we’ve mentioned sleep, this is obviously a great way to promote good skin but also to help with stress. I now at times when you’re too busy and you have a lot to worry about its very difficult. But now with the pandemic most people work from home or part time. I myself work shifts as you know and although I have been pretty worried about my uncertain future at work I have more days off now and can finally have some form of sleeping routine, at least for half the month. This has helped a lot with my stress. Having a sleep schedule is also beneficial for your skin. Try having 8hours of night sleep, avoid staying up late and try to go to bed as relaxed as possible.

Drink up

No, I don’t mean wine (although a glass every now and then before bed can help with stress too). Water is crucial for your skin, not just your face your body too. Hydration is of great importance especially now during winter. If you can’t drink a lot then try to add just two extra glasses than your normal intake. This will change your world, trust me!

cleanse and moisturize

This is the only part that you need to invest some money. Not much to be honest, there’s no need to have a crazy budget. If you’re not a skincare junky like myself you only need 4 items: a good cleanser, a body scrub, a body lotion and a good SPF.

The cleanser will be your holy grail so make sure you ask your dermatologist, your aesthetician or do some research before spending on one. I have a custom cleanser from Function of Beauty according to my skin needs and use it AM & PM (PS: I have a 20% off when you follow this link AF)

Now for the rest of your body your skin can be at it’s best with one simple trick: Scrub and moisture. It’s very simple but you know what? Its Works! I have few tips about that too though that will help a lot. First of all, like your pillowcases make sure you change your towels very frequently (For your face towel ideally have few just for the face and not your hands too. Also, change them daily ,for all the same reasons as the pillowcases).

Scrubs are your new BFF for a glowy and hydrated skin. It helps you remove dead skin and it creates an clean canvas for your body lotion to do its thing. If you have cellulite this also helps a lot, you just need to work a little harder on massaging these areas. Now, when you scrub your body don’t forget your armpits. I know, right??? Not the first thing that comes to mind! But if you scrub them frequently you’ll see a huge difference in their color (no more dark armpits!).

Now I can’t stress enough how important moisturizing is for your skin. If you keep one thing from this post I want it to be to moisturize your face and your body daily! I even use a hand cream before bed every night cause this is one of the most neglected but hard treated parts of your body!

Cuticle oil before bed

Now that I’ve mentioned hands there’s one more thing you can do to make your hands look pristine: Use cuticles’ oil every night before bed! Now my two last steps before bed (after having a nice warm shower and moisturize face and body) are to put some cuticle oil and after about 15 minutes then to apply my hand cream. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now as I’ve decided on doing my own manicure so I can vouch on that trick for great nails and hands!

Shave your face 

This has been a trend the past two years but I was quite familiar with this technique for more than 10 years as it has been a well known trick in Asia. Shaving your face with a tiny face razor can not only help to remove hair but also debris, excess oil, and dead skin  cells, which can brighten the look of skin. This helps makeup go on smoothly and last longer.

Now if your skin is too sensitive and you get irritations frequently you might want to avoid this, but if not then doing it once a month can easily help you with smoother skin and less breakouts.

Make sure you cleanse your face first and then apply a light water based serum to help with the process. There are several YouTube videos to check and its such an easy process!!