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How to clean your makeup brushes


Hey girls!! I’ve been meaning to blog about a problem that most girls face with their makeup routine and love to share my tips with you!
Now,especially the girls that wear makeup daily must know how important it is to take good care of their makeup brushes. There are several technics and tricks but the main idea is to clean the brushes without leaving any makeup or soap in them and without damaging the hair.

The simplest trick (for lazy girls only!!) is to put your brushes in a pillowcase and put it in the washing machine in the quickest program for sensitive clothes. Now this trick is not ideal,especially if your brushes have wooden bases. It’s a trick you can use only once or twice in your brushes’ lifetime so don’t attempt it if you have spent a lot of money on them.

The most common way of cleaning your brushes is to soak them in a small bowl with warm water and a touch of neutral PH soap or shampoo. You just put the heads of your brushes in the bowl with this mixture and gently soak them for few minutes. Then you clean the bowl,add fresh water in it and soak again your brushes! It is important not to clean your brushes in running water,cause this might damage the hair!!

Simple right? But it is a very important thing to do! If you keep using brushes that are covered in makeup or left in your beauty cause for long then you put your skin in great danger! Rushes,pimples or even microbes can damage your skin! So never forget to take good care of your brushes!!

Any tricks to share guys??