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How to elevate your Spring style

Happy Spring ladies!!

The weather is finally getting warmer here in Athens (despite some minor rains every now and then) so it’s time to get ready for the necessary wardrobe changes! Spring is a tricky  season as it’s not too hot or too cold for anything. So what you need are some versatile key pieces that can save your everyday look for this transitional period.

Number One piece you’ll see everywhere this season (and I mean EVERYWHERE) is the white denim jacket.  If you are like me in your early thirties I’m sure you remember owning one couple of years back. Well, as my grand-grand-mother used to say: keep something for a hundred years and then throw it away! Meaning that fashion comes and goes so fast that what you bought last year is out of fashion now, but it will definitely come back in ten years!So open you closet and dig up for that jacket cause now is the time to rock it! It goes great in total white or total black outfits (I personally love it with a LBD and sneakers!) or with any casual outfit.

While speaking of jackets there’s one more that will be great for Spring, and that is the bomber jacket. If you don’t have one now it’s the time to get one. I recommend one in bright colors or patterns.  Florals, color blocking or even mesh fabrics are great for this season and can easily transform any boring outfit into a street style “wow” moment.

Two types of trousers are next on my list, both all time classic and easy to find in a variety of colors. First one is my personal favorite, the Culottes. It’s been in my wardrobe for the past two years and have it in 3 different colors: Black, gray and pink. It’s one of the easiest pants to wear even during summer and it’s great for the office,a night out or even traveling! This season I really want an orange or a lilac  one(which is one of this season’s top colors).

Chinos have been around for years. It’s the ideal pants for all body types and their color variety is so wide that it’s impossible not to find one you love. For a more classic look go with the beige or navy blue colors and if you’re more of a daredevil try a bright yellow or red color with a plain black t-shirt. The belt is a very important piece of the chinos so go for a simple brown one to make the look more quiet.


Last but not least is a must have accessory for spring and also summer. The headband is here to stay and its amazing how many different hair styles you can create with it. My top pick is a satin wide headband,which you can either wear on your hair or use it as a necklace!




(all images taken from Pinterest, my endless inspiration crash)