How to save your skin during a cold

Hey ladies!

What’s up? Well, I’ve been sick (again) and this time has to be one of the worst times ever.. I have been home for the past six days and spent my days off indoors instead of going out (and missed one of my most anticipated fashion shows of the year by MiRo).

Now that my health is finally going better (thanks to some pretty strong medications) I decided to share some tips with you,not about the actual cold but for your skin routine during a cold (and of course during winter,cause they are pretty similar). During the first two days of the cold I felt so tired and miserable and with no energy that I didn’t have the courage to do anything about my skin. As a result my skin got pretty dry (due to dehydration),my skintone changed a bit to a more yellow-ish color and my nose turn red. I couldn’t do anything up to that point. On the third morning though I woke up to a blooded pillow: my lips and the area around my nose was sooo dry that it bled. It was awful and then I decided I had to do something before it is too late.

Three things save me that day: lots of water and two Kielh’s products.Water is very important for your body and needless to say it is crucial during a cold. Hydration,Hydration,Hydration in all levels people!And that was exactly what I did. I drank a lot of water to hydrate myself and also used highly hydrating products on my skin.

Kielh’s is known for their products and my favorite set by far is their Ultra line,which is super hydrating. I buy the Ultra face cream every year around Christmas (cause they always have nice packaging around that time) so I am currently running a little low and I wasn’t using it much lately. But once I began applying it again immediately felt a huge “thank you,thank you ” from my skin! To assist even more I used the lip balm 4 times a day (which in normal days with only one use it would be fine).

So for two days all I did was to hydrate my skin in every chance I got.I applied the face cream twice a day and I was very generous about it,and of course the lip balm.Once my skin got better (and my cold too,so I was more energized to do more) I added few more products.

First I use the amazing L’Oreal pure clay detox mask to remove all pigmentation (from the overhydration to an otherwise oily skin). I can’t describe how much I love this mask. It felt so good to finally clean my face!

Next step was one type of hydrating mask per day.I normally do two face masks per month as I have oily skin and don’t want to overdo it. But now I used 3 different masks during the past few days to boost my skin.I used the Erre Due anti-thirst gel mask with hyaluronic acid and aloe,which was refreshing and improves skin’s water supply. For the next day I used Vichy’s double glow peel mask with AHA to remove dead shells and brighten my skin. Now for today, I’m using Kielh’s calendula and aloe soothing hydration mask which I had in a sample size.

Now last thing you must remember is that not only your face needs hydration during a cold. I noticed that my hands get extra dry too during a cold, so I have three different hand creams always in my night stand to assist with that. I use Sanex Hydrate 24h cream and Body Shop Sea Butter and British Rose (plus that amazing scent of the Body Shop creams…)as I find them perfect for the dry skin!

What about you girls? How to you fight extra dry skin from a cold?