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How to survive a sunburn

Confession: I have been in such a bad mood lately that few days by the sea was all I could think of. Due to the heavy schedule I couldn’t take any days off until September so no proper vacation for me.

So when I finally had a long weekend didn’t think twice: Got myself my Mahi duffel bag full with swimsuits and dresses and went to my boyfriend’s beach house.

The house is located in Evvoia, which is only 1,5h from Athens, and right next to the beach.

Needless to say they couldn’t convince me to leave the beach! We got ourselves some floaties too and that was the reason I got myself a “nice” sunburn!!

Now the main reason that happened was I didn’t wear sunblock as often as I should, given the fact I was on the floaties all day!! My back now looks like a burnt turkey and the pain is so bad that I have to sleep on my side.

Thank God I have few tricks to minimize the pain and help my skin heal faster!!

Moisturizers are the key obviously in these situations! I always have 3 in my summer bag: Nuxe after sun lotion, Korres after sun yogurt and HerbalLife aloe Vera gel. Each one of these is very important in different stages of a sunburn.

First I begin with the Nuxe refreshing after sun lotion, which I apply everywhere but the heavy burnt area. I use it every morning after shower to keep the gorgeous color I now have, without the burning feeling or the skin dryness. In the actual burnt area (which is my back) I use the Aloe Vera soothing hand and body lotion from Herbalife to nourish the skin and help with the healing process.

When I’ll return from work I take a cold shower and then  apply everywhere the Korres yogurt  lotion to help me sleep and relax. Usually if I stick to this routine for a week my skin will be back to normal!

Now the first two days of the sunburn I’ve noticed that I also have other physical issues except the actual burn. Usually I feel nauseated and tired or sleepy. In order to help my body cope with all these I add vitamins to my breakfast and I drink a nice glass of orange juice with ginger at work if I feel I need more energy. Also I keep drinking lots of water to hydrate myself properly!

Any other tricks ladies you want to share? I’m open to suggestions!