How to take care of your faux eyelashes

Friday fun day darlings and this is a post for all of you getting ready to party this weekend!

I know like me most of you follow couple (in my case dozens) of beauty Youtubers and you check regularly for all the makeup tutorials. And yes, fake lashes are a must and will always be a must simply because you cannot create a more fabulous look without them!

While most of the beauty posts related to lashes have to do with how to chose a brand or how to wear them I decided that another post is a bit more important: How to care for your lashes in order to keep them nice and clean and usable for the longest time possible!One of the biggest mistakes we make is removing the lashes brutally,either with tweezers or with our fingertips. I know that removing them gently at  3 am after a few drinks seems like Mission Impossible but the more careful you are the more times you will be able to reuse them! So instead, grab the end of the lashes gently and use the pads of the fingers to do so.

Next step seems even more obvious: Remove the glue! Yes, even if you can’t see it there is still glue on your lashes, which make them less effective the next time you will put them on( You might have “stability” issues and that is something you don’t want!).

There are plenty of ways to clean them though so it is up to how much time and effort you want to put. The easiest way is to remove the glue from the sites with the tweezers and then with a cotton bud and some makeup removing lotion (preferably for waterproof makeup) you can simply tab on the lashes (again gently) to clean the rest of the glue.  If you have some more time you can create a very basic solution (water with makeup remover lotion) and submerge your lashes for few minutes! that is a very nice trick when you use a lot of mascara on your lashes. In this case though you have to put them for at least half an hour on a dry sheet to dry do avoid any damage in the lashes!

Last important step is to store your lashes. Never ever (ever ever) leave them out in the open air where they can be damaged or be exposed in dirt and dust!Remember, this is something you put in your eyes so the last thing you want is an infection!

I personally love Sweed Lashes not only for the great quality and the amazing variety of their products, but also for their packaging, which I can use to store the lashes after every use! I love the Iconic lashes for their density (my eyes pop like I’m going for a InStyle photoshoot!).For a more glam look I go for the Wiched Lashes by Nyx and usually wear Scandal (let me just say they look as they sound!).


How about you ladies? Which lashes do you use and how do you take care of them??


(Images taken from the official websites of the brands.All opinions are my own)