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How to wear a bandeau top in your 30s

Bandeau tops are everywhere this summer (as for many years now actually) and in most people’s mind this is an outfit only for the beach or for girls in their twenties.

I kinda had the same feeling over them but lately I’ve seen so many chic outfits with bandeaus that I began experimenting a bit with them!

First of all, if you want to create a bandeau look I recommend investing a little bit more than you actually think right now. I know you can find in many fast fashion stores bandeau tops for less than 10$, which is great for a beach look, but if you are like me and you want something a bit more polished spending that little extra in order to get a better quality top will save your look!

There’s no need to spend 200$, but for a price around 30-40$ you can get such good quality bandeaus (linen,silk,cotton) that you can keep in your wardrobe longer and also  will actually fit you better and give that luxurious vibe in an otherwise simple item.

Color is also an important factor. Multicolored bandeaus depict a more lay-back style whereas khaki,white or beige have a more sophisticated essence. Also,if you are tanned a white or khaki bandeau will complement way better your complexion!!


Lastly, in order to create a more put together look (even for an island walk) you need to consider the look’s proportions: bandeaus are tight and short so if you wear a skinny bottom it will look boring and simple. Try wearing something with volume or high waist. I’m always insecure about my tummy so a nice pair of linen culottes (preferably with a  belt) is perfect to “distract” the eyes from my waist! Same rule applies with shorts or skirts! A nice polka dot midi skirt with a simple black bandeau will give that “extra” on you!

If you are going for a pair of  jeans then a great way to elevate it is a nice boyfriend blazer. Linen is ideal for the season and white is THE color! If you are looking for a bit more color then go for a blush pink or a light yellow that look adult enough but still playful and girly!







(images taken from Pinterest)