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How to wear a scarf


Hey ladies! How have you been?? I haven’t done much lately but I’m planning on stop being a couch potato and become more active!
These days I have “exploited” the winter sales and did a lot of shopping! I will be posting soon pics from my excursions to the stores but for now I need to talk to you about one of my fav accessories : scarves.
I have mentioned before how essential scarves are for me and how often I use them to give a certain spice to my looks.

This year scarves and pashminas are again in fashion!
Scarves are not just to protect you from the cold. It is a fashion statement, a key piece in your wardrobe and an amazing accessory.
Scarves can be a very expensive purchase when being done from major fashion brands but it can also be a very inexpensive one! Woolen scarves are very easy to find in variety of colors and shapes but I’m definitely in favor of investing in one more pricy and luxurious scarf,probably silk,Kashmir or a pashmina. In this case chose the color wisely, and prefer one that can match many different looks! For more everyday looks you can buy scarves from more “commercial ” brands such as Zara or H&M.

The trickiest thing with scarves is how to wear them and not how to incorporate then in your look. There are several styles but I have found this great video on YouTube and I actually use several of these tricks when wearing a scarf!