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I’ve left my eyebrows grow for two months, here’s what I’ve learnt

Hey guys!! Today I have a very exciting post and especially for me! Today after two months I finally did my eyebrows and boy I feel so good!!! 

Allow me to backup a little to explain. As you all know we are in lockdown for quite some time here in Greece and as I work in shifts I have quite some time free every month. So back in January as I was tweezing my brows I thought you know what?  This is the perfect time to change my shape,which is something I wanted to do for few years now! So I decided to leave my eyebrows be, do absolutely nothing for a month and see how it goes. As the weeks pass I didn’t see huge change so I decided to give it another month and try to help things a bit. So I added castor oil in my routine to help with growth and thickness. Now I must admit it’s not something I was doing ritually. There were days that I would use it twice a day and some days I totally forgot about it.  I have to say though I feel it helped quite a lot. 

My idea for the shape change was to add some thickness in the shape,have a more defined arch and add some length as my eyebrows would stop right around the corner of the eye and I needed them to be a bit longer. 

Took the first picture on 17/2, which was a little less than three weeks of this challenge. As you can see there are some hair here and there but it was still ok to go out and easy to cover with some concealer.

Second pic is 10 days later (27/2) after using castor oil few times. There is a great difference in hair thickness as you can easily see but still no change in the shape. 

About a month after that (19/3) you can finally see some change in shape!!! Brows look thicker and finally some new hair!!

And these are the last pics from today! As you can see there’s more length finally but most of the hair grew to the right corners of the eyes, closer to the eyelid so not much to work with on the other side. Also, still not a lot of hair close to the original brow line.

And here is the final result!!! Don’t mind the redness, it took some effort to give a proper shape to them! 

What I’ve learnt

Boy, it’s so hard to change your brows’ shape without microblading them!!! First of all, it’s extremely difficult to grow hair under the existing shape you have cause you’ve removed them so much in the past and now they simply won’t grow back!!! 

I had biggest issues filling the left corner of my eyes, as I wanted to make them thicker closer to the nose. As you can see after two months there are only few new hair,not enough to have a proper shape. So what I’m doing now is leaving them grow more and use a brow pencil for at least another month before we can finally have enough to work with! 

Although lengthening the brows wasn’t difficult thickening them seems impossible!! It will take about 6 months to change it but you know what? I can wait!! 

So what we’ve decided was to picture the shape we wanted and just work around it. It will take few more weeks before we see proper amount of hair for the left side of the brow to be filled but by summer time I’m gonna have some nice,thick,sassy and natural eyebrows!!! 

I’ll keep you posted for the next steps!!