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Korean cruelty-free skincare

Hey guys!!! As you might have read in my previous post I have turned my entire skincare routine cruelty free. It has been hard to do so as I’m a beauty junky and I had to give up some of my most favorite brands ( I have been wearing Chanel perfume for more than 15 years so giving that up was the hardest thing!).

A big love of mine the past year has been the Korean beauty skincare routine. I have noticed a great improvement on my skin since following the 11 steps (even if I have to skip few steps when I’m too tired) so I obviously had to check what is going on in Korea regarding animal testing.

To my surpise, despite the status in China, most Asian countries have banned animal testing the past few years. Korea passed a bill in 2016 stating that animal testing should be completely banned from beauty companies by 2018, so at this point if you buy a beauty product dirrectly from Korea (or the US if they own stores there too) you can be sure that it’s going to be a cruelty free product.Just to be on the safe side I always double check the company’s website and several blogs before a purchase.


Benton is a favorite brand of mine for the past two years. Their aloe propolis soothing gel and cleansing foam are my all time classics, especially during winter (for summer I tend to avoid aloe vera in my daytime skincare routine and opt for someting with some sun protection).


If you have oily skin like me this is your brand! Their Bio Peel Gauze Peeling pads and Glacial magic pore gel are epic!


I love how budget friendly this brand is and how many great options you have. Again this is ideal for oily skin. Their acne pimple patches are great for these breakouts and the BHA blackhead power liquid toner can do wonders.


If you have more sensitive skin this brand is great for you. I love their Bio Fresh mask with nutrition herb and the Cell moisture all in one essence. It is great for your night routine!


A great necessity for me is the face mist. Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist is great for long lasting hydration and I prefer using it instead of toner for my night routine.