Korres exfoliating body soap

Another Korres review and yet again another satisfying product! It’s almost time to hit the beach,so cellulite is my worst enemy right now!
But I’m changing everything this year! Yes,there are not many miracle workers but after being more careful with my diet this winter I think my condition is more manageable!
What helps to make it even better is this amazing body soap! It’s so simple to use and the results are obvious in a short time! I’m now on my second soap (just opened it today!) and i can already see and feel the difference!


This is a great exfoliating soap, with seaweed grains and caffeine(both extremely useful in the fight against cellulite). It helps to stimulate blood micro circulation and after few uses it improves the appearance of the skin. Another reason why I chose it (and why I obviously chose Korres products) is the fact that it’s mainly organic and natural! That is not a product with a 2% of seaweed grains or caffeine extractions. It is a product high in natural ingredients and therefore 100% safe for your skin no matter the type! The product is mainly used as an exfoliating body soap but besides leaving your skin smooth after every use you’ll see your cellulite decreasing by the week!


Have you tried it?