Style Crush

kourtney Kardashian

It’s the very first time I include one of the Reality TV Royal family in my Style Crush list, but I couldn’t help it, as the past year Kourtney has stole my heart with her street style choices!

She wasn’t very known for her style,keeping mainly simple and being very family oriented. But after her breakup last year she began showing more of her style.

She has an amazing figure so although short (she is my high so obviously I can relate a lot!) a lot of clothes compliment her and it never hurts to wear heels too!Skinny jeans are easy to wear and can draw attention to all the right places.


What I absolutely love about her style is the ripped  jeans she wears,either in a skinny version or the regular Boyfriend ones. I can relate so much to that choice, this is my go to outfit any given day, and she can pull it off so good!

Sports wear is her thing lately as she works out regularly, so her street style has a lot of tights and tops. I envy so much how hard she works out, as I’m newhere near that good!


Now for her night outs Kourtney prefers black a lot, and always with some twist!



(Images taken from Pinterest)