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Lefkon at AXDWeek -New Designers Awards winner

I have a pretty good instinct when it comes to New Designers Awards. When I attend the shows I can always see the winning designers. This time was no exception as I fell in love the moment I saw Lefkon fashion show.

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I’m not easily impressed by fancy and peculiar outfits. I believe that of course designers should create some more extravagant looks for a runway show but if they actually want to make a name for themselves and have real audience then creating clothes for “real and everyday” women is the key.

And that is exactly why I loved Lefkon: using cotton and linen,simple colors and clear lines this show was all about creating a memorable yet very practical look for every woman. I mean, what woman would feel good in some nice tailored paper trousers and a cotton shirt?

Dresses looked so effortless too and I absolutely fell in love with the light blue playsuit. I honestly can’t think of a single piece I didn’t like from their show and I believe winning Best New Designer award was the obvious choice!