Long weekend packing advice

After some really crazy weeks I finally have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sea! We are leaving today for a long weekend excursion, in an island close to Athens. I really don’t mind not going to fancy and trendy islands cause at this point I prefer spending some quality time with my boyfriend and our friends and relax!
But being a controlling freak as I am I can’t leave anything to chance! So I’m packing light but smart!

That’s my luggage and as you can see its perfect for the three days I need it,but small. Time for some smart packing!


remember what I taught you about sample sized products!
You know I love them! But just look at them!! I have so many things in this beauty case you wouldn’t believe it!!
•hair mask
•body lotion and body milk
•3different perfumes
•cleansing emulsion
•day cream
• eye drops



Impressed much? Just imagine how much space it would take to have these products in actual size! My entire beauty case is half the size and weight of the syoss shampoo I’m using at home!

pack accordingly

I have said it a million times – you need to know where you are headed and what you are going to do! In my case it would be completely useless to pack with me high heels! I’m going there to relax so comfy is all I need! Long dresses (my fav trend ever!), flat sandals and light makeup! So my makeup bag is also small cause I don’t need to carry much: just a bb cream, a blush and some mascara would do the trick for our chilled night outs by the sea!


Smart travel look

They say the journey is more important than the destination! In our case what is important is the journey’s outfit. No,I don’t mean like celebrity divas crazy looks. Again I’m being smart! If I want to take with me 3 bags for my trip I will be carrying with me the biggest during the trip! More space in your luggage and more space in your carrying bag! In my case I’m bringing mainly small bags with me, but this is the golden rule I apply to every single trip I take.
Same rule applies to a variety of items, such as hats or shoes! Here’s an example!

image image

To accessorize or not?

Silly question,right? Obviously to accessorize! But how can I choose what to bring with me? I obviously can’t bring my entire jewelry box with me. When packing take a minute and look at the clothes you’ve chosen and then find jewelry that can be worn with most of these outfits! You don’t need to get 4 different scarves and 4 different set of earrings and 4 different pair of shoes … Pick items that can work with everything you have in your luggage! This way you will pack lighter and you won’t have a suitcase full of things you won’t use!
For my trip I choose looks in which gold or bronze accessories would fit perfectly. So I am taking few with me but I can actually wear most of them combined for a glam night out or separately of a more casual look.
Also,to save more space (and since I’m not carrying with me any expensive jewelry) I won’t be using any boxes to carry them. I’m putting them inside this gift bag so I can put them between my clothes!



Take only what you need +1

Another golden rule! Never pack a suitcase with stuff you won’t need or wear or use! Prioritize an make a list according to the days you’ll spend and the activities planned. Then,if you have followed all my previous advice you should have plenty of free space in your bag. At this point you can add one more piece of clothes,just in case!