Mad Walk by Coca Cola light

As happy and excited as I was in my last post being in Designers Week the same volume of feelings I’m experiencing now for Mad Walk, but in the exact opposite way. There are no words to describe my disappointment, especially since I went there expecting the exact opposite of what i saw.

To start from the beginning, the venue was quite big and the setting industrial. It had a 46m catwalk, which was very impressive and promising! And then the problems started: first of all the seats where in the same level as the catwalk. In other words only the front row could actually see the clothes.The rest of us “common people” from the second row and back were looking at heads and arms (best case scenario).

the stage where the hostess was standing was more than 50 meters away from the stage of the catwalk,so when stepping in the venue you had to choose what you want to see (hypothetical speaking always..)!! Furthermore, she kept talking extremely fast and the sound within the venue was awful (clearly no one cared for those paying to enter, but everyone cared enough to create a show that can only be viewed on TV).

Although the hole concept of this show is to combine music with fashion- by having singers performing during the fashion show- I didn’t hear any music.. Very few actual singers were participating, none of them actually sang- they all performed playback! And yes, seeing former models “singing” maybe cute, but it has no relevance whatsoever to the original concept. In my humble, personal opinion the hole concept is all about having artists having amazing shows but without taking all the attention from the designer’s clothes! Some of the shows where exclusively “singer” oriented,which is so unfair for all these talented designers and their lines. Of course, as I said before, the hole project is only for TV, so the viewers might be able to see in fast forward some of the pieces. The only thing certain is that they won’t see the empty seats and the disappointed attendants, cause after all just few camera shots in enthusiastic faces would be enough to convince..

Guys im so sorry that I can’t share pictures with you,but I think I’ve already explained you how difficult that was..  And that’s too bad because there were some incredible designers and great lines that unfortunately I won’t be able to share with you! But hey, the show will be aired in a week (after the necessary corrections and cuts) so we can all see it there, instead of paying for it!!