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Marina Vernicos

Now if there’s one person I follow religiously on Instagram that is Marina Vernicos. And that is for one simple reason: She is one of the people that can make me dream and travel through her pictures. Marina Vernicos is the daughter of George Vernicos, a very successful businessman and entrepreneur.They both share a deep love for the sea and  Marina – the artist of the family- has depicted the beautiful aspects of the Greek sea countless times. She has showcased quite a few exhibitions and worked with several brands on successful campaigns. Marina tries to keep a low profile and for many years she was mainly known within the artistic circles. When chooses to be in the spotlight is always for a cause: It is either one of her art exhibitions or one of the events for her non-profit organization CREAID.

Her daily style is casual chic, quite simple yet very elegant. For  Galas and events she chooses a lot of Greek designers and prefers silhouettes that would compliment her body. 

For me Marina is the epitome of style: Effortless,simple,natural.Never too much makeup,never too “out there” just to provoke.

It is quite obvious that has a great sense of style, which is something she is putting now is good use designing bags and accessories to support her organization.

Make sure you show your love and support for CREAID guys!!!






(All opinions are my own. this is not a sponsored post. images taken from the official website of Marina Vernicos ,  and )