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Methoni trip

What’s up crazy fashion babes? How is summer treating you so far? My days sound a lot like a Rihanna’s song (work work work work work) but I enjoy meeting all these new people everyday. Earlier this month we took our second roadtrip for the summer and it was just great! Turns out roadtriping is my new favorite way to travel,although it needs more time if you decide to leave your country too. 

Anyway,this time we went to Methoni,which is around 300klm away from Athens,in Peloponnesus. It’s not one of the most touristic areas of Greece and I really love that cause you can always find nice hotels in good prices and home cooked food. 

On our first day we decided to stop to Polylimnio waterfalls. This has to be one of the most beautiful places in Greece I’ve even been: nature at its finest and small crystal green lakes scattered everywhere. It is quite the walk,with some occasional light climbing, so make sure you have nice shoes with you! I was wearing slippers so I had some hard time in few parts of the climb but is was still manageable. We spent about two hours in the area and still didn’t see the half of it so if you’re in for the trip make sure you have a lot of time and supples (water,swimsuit,shoes,hats and sunblock!). 

(wearing Sugarfree beach overall and one piece swimsuit)

After that we went straight to the hotel in Methoni to settle in. We stayed at Ulysses Hotel,which is a nice and small hotel few meters from the Castle. The room was fine,breakfast at the garden was delicious and rich (make sure you try the homemade orange pie) and the area was quiet so it was very relaxing. 

(our room and my custom Mahi leather bag)

On our second day we went to Foinikounta village,witch is only 15′ drive. The entire area is by the coastline so plenty of beaches to visit. We began with the organized beach but decided to use our own umbrella (which we kinda broke in the very first use so it was tricky to use it in the following days) so it was sooo nice!!

(my most beloved one piece from SugarFree )

We spent like 4 hours at the beach and  then instead of heading back we decided to visit Koroni and check the Castle there. 

The hole area has some serious influence from the Romans and the castles are so well preserved that you can feel the vibe. Koroni’s Castle is one of the few in Greece that have settlements inside. The narrow streets were really nice and despite the heat it was a good walk (highly recommend to do it early in the morning though!). From the top we spotted a beach to our right so obviously we headed there to cool from the heat! 

Day three was spent at one of the most popular beaches in the area : Voidokoilia. It is approximately an hour drive and it is considered a protected area so no beach bars around for miles! Make sure you have your own umbrella and lots of water with you cause you won’t be able to find anything within walking distance. The beach is quite famous so if you visit in August I think is gonna be packed with people. But end of June or beginning of July is the best time to visit. Once again we had the beach to ourselves and if it wasn’t for the wind we would definitely spent the entire day there! It’s a must for sure and the waters are soooo good (small tip: don’t stay in the first few meters of the beach for two reasons. First, families with kids choose this part as there is not a lot of walking from the cars and second, if you just walk towards the other end of the beach the water is much clearer and deep!). 

Once the wind became unbearable we  took the car and headed back to the area of Foinikounta but this time went to a different beach few kilometers away from the one we visited the first time and this time we went to a beach bar that only had like 10 people so we had the beach to ourselves. 

That night was the only night we were not that exhausted to go out so we strolled around Methoni and by the seashore next to the Castle before we stop for a nice cold beer next to the sea.

Last day was supposed to be our return day and the plan was to visit the Castle and then leave. We woke up early and had our delicious breakfast for the last time (😢) and then went for a nice walk in the Castle. The view is amazing and the locals say that  sunset there is amazing so when you visit make sure you have enough time to visit twice (daytime and late afternoon). 

(wearing my Stradivarius Short overall and Zara Shoes)

Once again the heat got the best of us and let’s face it we weren’t ready to go home. So we decided to take a swim right next to the castle. The beach is pretty organized (beach bar, umbrellas,coffee bars and taverns) but for me this is the best beach  that close to a settlement I have ever been. Instead of staying for like an hour we spent the entire day there and left late in the afternoon for Athens. 

At this point I really feel the need to apologize as I have very few outfit looks to share with you! But as you may have already understood, I spent most of my vacations in my swimsuits!!