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My Big Greek Drama

I know I have kept this blog “light” and without many personal details on who I am and how I live(after all,this is a fashion blog!). But given the situation I’m now up against I wanted to share my thoughts..

I’m Greek. I’m 30 years old, i have a 3pages CV (bachelors degree,seminars,foreign languages,working experience in Greece and abroad) and I’m unemployed. The sad thing is I’m not the only one. There’s about one million people in Greece facing this. I’m considered lucky cause I have a family behind that can support me. In most cases this is not an option. There are families here that live just with the pension of an elder member. I can’t begin to describe the present situation in Greece.
When I entered university in 2003 I was like any other kid. I had dreams and high hopes.. Now I’m 30 and unemployed. I have a university degree,I’ve attended a dozen seminars,I’ve worked in several fields and I try my best always to learn something new.
When I graduated and couldn’t find a job I thought it was my fault. No,scratch that: I got convinced it was my fault. Year after year all these saviors came but things only got worse. Prime Ministers kept promising it’s the last time measures need to be taken but it was never the last time. It kinda felt like the women who get abused by their husbands. They always say it’s the last time and you always forgive them. Well that was it.

Every singe child born in Greece now owes 32,000€. And that only increases by each year he lives. But you know what?? I don’t owe any money to anyone! I pay my taxes,I pay for my insurance, I’ve never stolen anything! So why do I owe money? Where all that money went?? The 2 main political parties in Greece up until 2014 have consumed hundreds of millions for their campaigns and funding whichever personal goals they had. Why do I get to pay these bills? They have assigned to all critical positions people with no skills just because they were related or belonged to the same party!! We were paying 5,000€ per month for unsuitable CEOs or supervisors in the public sector just because!! And not just that! These people decided that their huge salary was not enough money for just not doing anything: they had to put their big hands in the public sectors funds! And that’s where all the EU money went! And the best part?? EU new all about it! And encouraged it by loaning tons of money not to people but to the banks and their banks operating in Greece to make sure they can make more money from us. That’s the simple truth!
The hole referendum idea won’t change the fate of my country,let’s be honest about it. No matter what,my generation is utterly doomed. There’s just one thing that can change tough. How we feel,how we sleep at nights. It’s a matter of pride now. That’s all that’s left to it.
My generation is desperate. In the past decade thousands have left to work abroad. We export intelligence in huge amounts. Greeks are not lazy,not most of them. Just go ahead and check universities all over Europe! Not just students but faculty too! Check all multimillion companies:we’re there! The best medical and research labs. We re in there busting ourselves for science and progress. Are we just good enough to be workers? Don’t we deserve some respect and appreciation?
Yes,we owe some money. But you’ve also made way more than what we owe by exploiting us. And we let you. And that’s ok cause that’s how the market works. But don’t insult my IQ with lies and fairytales. I won’t work for 300€ per month (if I ever find work here). I can’t live like this. I can’t flourish like this! It is insulting to think you’re superior than me and YOU deserve more than me.
EU is all about equality and respect. Or not?