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My blogging inspiration

It is not easy to be a blogger. You constantly expose yourself to people unknown to you. So why doing it? Well, some people do it for money. Most of us just feel an inner need to communicate, share and present our views to others. Being a blogger doesn’t mean making money. Few lucky of us manage to earn enough money but only after so much hard work and effort. Still, although earning money may be a great plus, that’s not why we do it!
I’ve told you before having a blog was a dream I had for quite for this week’s fashion icon I would like to present to you not one but 5 of my fashion icon bloggers- my inspiration in other words!

Chiara Ferrangi

Italian fashion blogger Chiara f is the reason why you use the term : selfie and why you even attempt doing it! Yes, one of the most experienced fashion bloggers, create the hole selfie idea. When started her blog “the blonde salad” she took pictures of herself dressed in the items she wanted to talk about. She added comments and descriptions and from time to time some more personal information, sharing her world with her readers. Although now she is one of the most well known fashion bloggers and her collaboration with Steve Madden and mango put her in the spotlight, Chiara hasn’t changed much: she still prefers that immediate an personal communication with her readers!



Lauren Conrad

Well known from the MTV tv series “Laguna beach” and “the hills” Lauren has become a known fashion blogger and a fashion designer. Blogging is not her main occupation,therefore she has a team blogging on her behalf. That doesn’t keep her from blogging herself whenever she can and sharing all her news with her fans. I adore her romantic and elegant style as a fashion designer,especially the dresses.


I absolutely adore him! The first time I saw him on tv was on America’s next top model. I immediately loved his jazzy attitude and his eccentric style! Ever since that I can’t stop checking his blog regularly, especially during fashion weeks! I love him because he never caves, he boldly and openly expresses his opinion no matter what and of course he has a great eye for fashion.

Negin Mirsalehi

She is my latest discovery when it comes to bloggers( is been 4 months now!) but she has been blogging for over a year now. In fact, she got awarded for her blog!
Great personal style and amazing photos is why I like her so much!


jessica Stein

I love her pictures! Jessica travels like crazy (seriously jealous right now!!) and takes pictures from every single place she visits,along with all the fantastic outfits she wears there!
she works with a variety of photographers and occasionally even with her own brother, and together they have been to some of the most A M A Z I N G cities in the world.


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