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My Spring shoes style

Yes, wearing high heels is always sexy, but how comfortable do you feel wearing them all day? Due to the nature of my work and of course whenever I need to travel, I find it very hard to give up my favourite Tod’s loafers! I can’t sacrifice my comfort for high heels on daily basis. Those of you who have tried any type of moccasin shoes get me right now!
But it’s no just the comfortability that attracts me to this type of shoes. I find them ideal for a spring casual look, whether is a long dress or a pair of colored trousers. And of course I love the fact that I can find them in a great variety of colors and textures! Another benefit is that you don’t have to spend a fortune: Most commercial brands (like Zara, Mango and Banana Republic) sell loafers, moccasins or ballerinas in quite reasonable prices!
So since spring has began already I suggest you check your options for a fashionable yet comfy shoe style!