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New skincare obsession : Liz Earle

Am I excited or what???

Its been a while since the last new skincare review and for this particular one I was very excited from the beginning. When my brother-in-law told me his coming from London and asked what I wanted there was only one brand I wanted to get my hands on for a while : Liz Earle! I have heard so much for their skincare products from so many other bloggers that I really had to try them.

The only problem was he was flying only with a carry on but thank God Boots gave the solution again with this lovely kit that includes travel-sized cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

The first thing I noticed was the scent. This amazing smell of spa treatment and cleanliness you immediately feel the moment you put the cleanser on your face is unprecedented. My favorite part is of course the cloth you remove the cleanser with. When you polish off the cream with the cloth ( rinsed in hot water) you have the same amazing feeling you get the moment you finish your facial treatment at a spa! Although I’ve tried millions of beauty products over the years this has got to be my most favorite so far. I absolutely fell in love with the cleanser and I’m placing my order for the full sized bottle very soon!

The fact that Liz Earle is an award winning brand, with very natural ingredients and skin combination focused  products is also very important to me.

Next step on the kit is the toner. Also a great product I must say! It’s very light in texture and leaves your skin fully hydrated and bright! If you look yourself in the mirror after applying these two steps you won’t believe how radiant and rejuvenated you look!

Last step is the moisturizer. Again, OMG WHAT A SCENT! I really don’t know how they do it! All these products have similar ingredients but not exactly, as each is designed for a specific use, so every product is a new experience!

If there is one skincare line that you need to try I obviously recommend this one. I’m finishing my travel kit in the next two days (it lasted for 7 days already, day and night!) and placing my order for the full sized products! On their website there is also a very nice package including all these products for only 49 pounds plus a Lavender and Vetiver cleanser in full size!