New Year’s Resolution (s)

Happy New Year Guys!!!!!

Once again I’m making my lists ( nope, not checking them twice!) with all the things I loved in the year that left and all the things i wish for the year that has come.

I am obviously very thankful for the fact that all my loved ones are well (especially after the terrible year of 2015..)! I’m also soo very happy for your support this year too, thank you  so much for your love and your feadback via social media!

I’m also super excited for my job! its been nearly 8 months and i love waking up to work every day ( or night, depends on the shift 😛 ). I have amazing colleagues and I’ve learnt so much this year.

Now for 2017 I obviously wish for all these nice things to continue ( fingers crossed) and i can’t wait for more exciting things to happen, especially for Kaysecrets!

I think i have very simple goals for this year : First of all I want my own apartment! It is something I have been planning for sometime now and I believe I’m gonna go for it pretty soon! Just imagine all these posts about interior design and D.I.Y. projects..!!

I’m also gonna try to post more! So sorry guys for being M.I.A. that often! I will be more consistent with the blog’s posting schedule, I PROMISE!

Traveling is high on the list too and i have already planned 3 trips for 2017 ( hopefully more to plan ahead) so make sure you follow me on Instagram to check all about them!