Next time you go shopping for a hand bag make sure you know: vegan or real leather?

Only few days ago I read about Jane Birkin’s demand to Hermes to remove her name from the iconic bag due to the cruel tactics used to slaughter crocodiles for the making of their bags. In the article there was also a reference to vegan leather goods and it got me thinking: what exactly is vegan leather? I mean,I understand that somehow it’s better than regular leather,but in what sense? So I’ve decided to look it up a bit!

The more I looked to it the more I got confused. On the one hand it is definitely better for the animals: vegan leather is basically a substitute- a faux leather in other words- so no animals killed there!
But for the buyers vegan leather goods can be quite harmful in some cases. The “leather” is made by PVC-based substances so in some cases it can potentially cause breathing problems and (the most disturbing fact) these substances are often accused to increase the possibility of cancer related diseases.

I really don’t know what to believe in this case,as it is a brand new market so more tests need to be conducted. All I know is there is room for improvements,which one day will allow us to stop using real leather! Surely hope this day comes soon!!