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NYC: Where to go, What to see

Hello Darlings! how are you today? What’s up? Boy i have A lot to tell ya!

First of all, I have to apologize as I wouldn’t be covering AXDWeek this time! My work schedule is not allowing me to, plus when I do have some time I use it for sleeping! Hahhahahah

That being said, it only makes sense why it took me one week to upload the post on y NY trip! The truth is I have really realized that it actually happened! I was unlucky enough to be there right after Winter Storm Stella so it was too cold and too snowy for my taste! Still, we tried to enjoy the city as much as we could! Besides some nice pics I’m gonna share with you some tips on how to move in the city and how to save some cash!

First of all, if you are more like me don’t visit New York before May! I am  summer person so I feel very uncomfortable layering clothes and cardigans. If I could do it again I would book my trip for the Mid-May or beginning of June. The weather is nice and warm but not too hot, so you can walk around with no prob. also, its the beginning of summer season so you can find hotels in -relatively- reasonable pricing.Talking about hotels, try to avoid the city center close to Times Square or Central Park as it is quite expensive regardless of the season. If you don’t have many days I recommend staying either east of the center,staying close to the lower east side or Chinatown, if you are more adventurous. You will save a lot of money that way and if you get a metro card you’ll save in transportation too!

Now when it comes to the Arts, MOMA and the Met are musts to visit. If you plan on going on weekdays (which i totally recommend by the way) don’t book the tickets in advance. I did that mistake and it cost me a lot,literally! Museums have indicative ticket fees, which means you don’t have to pay the hole ticket! They also have free entrance on specific days if you don’t mind waiting in line for a few minutes. I spent 45$ for both museum entrances (with an online pass i booked) while I could easily spend 20$ for both if I had just waited 10′ in line! If you want to use the online passes do so for attractions such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty as you can get an actual discount like that and save some time from the lines.

MOMA Museum 


The Met 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting the Statue of  Liberty and Ellis Island. I got soo moved at the museum in Ellis island. I get seasick even on the idea of getting on a boat (I know, I’m a shame for the Greeks!) but I knew it was worth it. Definitely a must in New York!

Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island


The experience I did not enjoy that much was the Hop On Hop Off bus tour. I found a very good deal via Groupon and booked all 4 tours (Uptown,Midtown,Night tour, Brooklyn tour) for only 22$, but the traffic in Manhattan is so horrible that we ended up during the second part of the tour to stay in the bus for more than 3 hours! If you have many days then you won’t mind that, but for us with only 4 days in the city this was a torture!

Grand Central Station 


Empire State Building 


Central Park 



The City 


Took me FOREVER to arrive at the Times Square (traffic as i told you!) and by the time i got there it was snowing but i still got the pics! Not my best street style though as it was freaking cold! Hahahah


When it comes to food Manhattan offers plenty of options but give a go to my fav Bareburger and of course Shake shack  which is a must in NY. If you are near Times Square City Kitchen is a very good choice, as this place hosts many different restaurants, from burgers to sushi and Indian food, and you can mix and match (as we did!). Another must is Carlo’s bakery, also known as the Cake Boss!