Style Crush

Olivia Palermo

Don’t tell me that you haven’t tried to copy her style, not even just once!
One of my favorite celebrities to follow her style. This girl has the unique talent to create the hottest outfits with the simplest things. Her street style is exquisite even if she wears jeans! That is truly a talent based not in luck.
Olivia has a long, close relation to fashion. We first met her from MTV’s series ” The City” but her modeling career soon followed. Now we can check her news and fashion tips from her own blog ( check it and you won’t regret it).

Olivia likes to keep it simple. She chooses similar color palettes, earthy colors and girly looks. Although sophisticated her choices are never over the top and she usually prefers to add a more unique bag or jewelry than non-comfortable clothes. This is exactly the reason why I like her style: she doesn’t wear something just to provoke. She chooses instead clothes that reflect her personality and stays true to herself.

Bags are Olivia’s favorite accessories. She prefers large designer’s bags that are both convenient for a long day at the office but also stylish.

Earthy and soft colors that compliment her complexion. Skirts and dresses just a bit above the knees are also one of her favorite and for a good reason. That type of outfits show just enough leg to make it sexy but not too much to make it trashy.For a classy look do the same choice! image