Online shopping VS store to store shopping

We live in a society where everything is digitalized. Our smartphones can do everything, our electric appliances are practically automated and we can have anything we wish with the push of a button. But is that better than doing things oldschool ?
Those who read my blog regularly know that I praise on online shopping. It’s fast,simple and convenient when working long hours. But does it beat store to store shopping?
Lets check pros And cons of online shopping and see if we really benefit from it!


1) you can do your shopping any time a day.

I prefer shopping late at night, when I’m home and relaxing and not just rushing to hit the stores between work and the stores’ closing hour.

2) you get exclusive and promotion discounts

Being a member in many online shopping sites allows me to have great discounts and coupons from time to time and also most of these stores provide a complimentary discount for your first order.

3) you can pre-order something or be informed when its available.

I wear size 36 in shoes, so for me it’s quite difficult to find shoes. What I do is order them or have alerts the moment my size comes up on a website.

4) you can order things from all over the world

I have jewelry from china, clothes from France and books from the US. no worries if you can’t find something in your country! Just order online!

5) it is much easier to find what you’re looking for with online shopping.

And sometimes you don’t even have to do it yourself! Some websites recommend items according to your previous searches or your wishlist.


1) you can’t have a girls day out in online shopping.

This is something that I truly miss with online shopping. I like going out with my friends or my sister and have a girls day out for some window shopping.

2) you don’t have much control of what you spend

That is the biggest problem I face with online shopping. Since you’re not actually taking the money out of your wallet you might have the idea you’re not spending much. But you are! Especially if you’re not doing all your shopping from one website it is so easy to end up so out of budget.

3) it takes a lot of time, especially when you want to find the best deal.

Although it’s very fast to do the actual order it’s so difficult to decide, due to the countless options. When looking for a deal can be even trickier and time consuming, but if you end up with that deal it is very rewarding!

4) you have to be sure of your size.

The first time I order online was a disaster! You have to make sure you know each stores’ measurements otherwise you’re in trouble!

5) shipping takes time!

That’s my biggest concern because I’m so excited about my purchases so when my order delays I get really anxious!!

it looks like online shopping is losing the battle, but I have to tell you one thing: I don’t think I’ll stop using it!
So what was the purpose of this post? Well,basically to make you understand that there are difficulties in online ordering so you need to be extra careful with when and how you buy things online! My first attempts of online shopping were disastrous! I couldn’t find the right size, didn’t know how to avoid high shipping fees.. Madness! But after a while I found my way around it and now I’m pretty happy with it!
Of course I always love going out with my friends for some shopping,so for me it is basically a tie!