Oscar’s best and worst looks

Oscars night is already far behind us without any great surprises when it comes to winners. But the red carpet was full of surprises! First of all I have to admit I felt seriously bored: I didn’t see any amazing dresses or original looks. I did find some nice looks but nothing impressed me to the least.
It was a slap in the face that I had to stay up until 3 am ( due to time difference) to see looks that made me even sleepier!
Despite that some stylish ladies managed to create decent looks, and very few of them some wonderful ones.

My favourite looks come from Kate Blanchett, which I think wore the best dress in the red carpet, with Sandra Bullock’s deep blue gown as my second choice.



Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson chose off white shades, with the second one choosing a non traditional yet chic style.

Black was a safe choice once again, with pregnant Olivia Wilde and always elegant Julia Roberts preferring it for their gowns.


From my best dressed list the only bright colored gown was Lupita’s light blue dresses. Lupita Nyong’o prefers bright colors for her appearances and this lovely almost dreamy has to be one of the few good surprises of the night.

On the other hand, my list with the worst dressed of the night is quite big! I will only mention few examples, but as you might have noticed too these are not the only ones!

The worst dress by far has to be Anna Kendrick’s: I have no words to describe the horror I felt when I saw her. It looked like the worst choice not just for an Oscar’s night but even for your distant cousins wedding in a small town in Alabama!

Next on the list is Gabourey Sidibe’s awful purple lace dress. In my opinion she should have chosen a darker color, that would create a better body figure and would flatter her more. This color was screaming for attention, but not for the right kind.

And now for the surprises of the night: Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel although known for their elegant appearances made the worst choices possible. As you know the colors that monopolized the night was nude and beige. Both ladies seem to be on track when it comes to that rule- after all, what can go wrong with that? Well, apparently everything!

Angelina’s dress seems off, definitely not even close to chic and old fashioned. It reminded me of some 70’s and 80’s looks, full of sequence and sparkle and no taste. It is too bad because she had to be my old time Oscar’s favorite, before this look!


Jessica Biel although choosing a chic Chanel dress she never noticed the fact that her body looked swallowed in it. I have no objection to the dress, in fact it could have been one of my favorite looks, if it was more suitable to her figure.


I don’t want to Judge a pregnant woman, but Kerry Washington’s look was not one of my favorite. I wouldn’t even comment on that look, if it wasn’t for Olivia Wilde’s amazing appearance to compare it with.
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