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Prigipo : Jewelry for the princess next door..

Greek language is very complicated. We have words that can describe the simplest thing and the most complicated emotions. And when we don’t have a word we can sure invent it!! 

This is exactly what happened with “Prigipo”…

The verb itself does not exist. The noun “Prigipissa” means princess in Greek so the ladies came up with their own verb.The story would have stopped right there but Prigipo turned out to be more than just a brand..

Their jewelry have a classic finesse that is hard to find in most modern jewelry lines. Elegant,simple,classy with a splash of color and playfulness. This brand managed to be loved very quickly and for all the right reasons.

Since 2004 Prigipo has moved a long way, expanding the brand and building a very strong connection with their clients.

You can immediately feel the vibe the moment you enter their showroom in Athens. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and after few minutes there it’s like chatting with a friend rather than a person you just met. Everyone was so helpful and even though we messed up with their displays trying to take photos we didn’t get in trouble! We even got a chance to see their bridal collection, but that’s a story for another post..

Τheir latest collection is called  “Resonance” and it’s a celebration of color and joy. It is consisted of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all handmade and very unique. Each piece, carefully handcrafted, is telling a story: The story of a woman strong but elegant, that loves to travel but stays grounded.

Of course you can find most of their classic pieces from previous collections, such as their signature Crown rings, in gold,silver and rose gold.

(Special thanks to my amazing model Marina St.)