products I tried this month

Happy June everyone! First official month of summer and obviously this is the time to try all kinds of new products. So for ya I have brand new face masks, serums and hair care products!

First of all, my one true cosmetics love, Korres: Their new package for face masks is so adorable! The products are still amazing but the new package is making them ideal for travelling! you can carry them with you all the time, each cube has enough products for one generous application so its a win-win!

The latest entry to my beauty routine is The Ordinary line. I got three different products and I have used them for the past week and a half. I will have an updated post later this month with more concrete results but so far I’m very happy with them! I got the retinol serum, the Moroccan argan oil for my hair and the alpha arbutin serum for my black spots. So far so good!

Summer is all about colors so even in my beauty routine I like adding that extra touch of color to make my day. These small makeup sponges from HM are perfect of applying concealer or doing contouring and their colors are so girly!

Still haven’t swam (but planning on it soooonnnnn!) once but you know the saying: early bird catches the fish! So I’m already well prepared for the sun. Sunscreen is always Korres but for my hair care and my after sun body treatment I’m trying something new this year. For my hair I got Apivita Suncare Protective hair Oil cause I have done a Keratin hair treatment so I must be extra careful with my hair and the sun exposure.

For the body I got the Nuxe reftreshing After sun lotion, which is great not just for the body but also the face. I generally have dark complexion so I don’t have problems with the sun, but you can never be too careful, right? Also this lotion leaves the skin soooo smooth that I ‘m always tempted to use it as my regular body lotion.

What about you guys? Any products worth trying out this month?