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Products I’ve tried (and loved) this month

He guys! What’s up!! What have you been up to? I’ve had a pretty good start of 2017 with couple of days off and a short trip to Sofia (post will be up in few days with pics!). I’ve also tried some new beauty products and have changed a lot my beauty routine lately (getting older and wiser..!!).

So here are the products I loved and can recommend for ya! 


I can’t describe with words how happy and satisfied I’m with the entire line. Although my skin is oily, during winter -and especially when I have a cold- I find my skin too dry and  dawl. So this was a very nice surprise as with the ultra day cream I could actually feeling the hydration all day long,even after 8h of hard work. The lip balm is also great. I found the application a bit bizarre at first (you need to squeeze the product and then use your fingers to apply) but is is actually not that bad as you can control the amount of product you use. The body lotion is one of the brand’s best sellers and for a good reason! All and all I’ve been pretty satisfied with all the products I’ve tried from Kielh’s and I also got a nice sample sized night serum as a gift and been planning on buying the product soon! 

Nyx cosmetics 

That’s the second brand I tried for the first time this month. I bought 2 lip glosses from the Lingerie line in Bedtime Flirt and Lace Detail. I have to say that it’s the longest lasting lip glosses I’ve ever tried! Color stays on no matter what and it only needs one layer to look flawless. I got a lip liner too that works great with both shades so it’s super convenient.The only disadvantage is that it’s too dry so I have to weary lip balm before applying it in the morning. Other that that I’m very happy with it! 

I also purchased the pro-loving primer and the waterproof eyeshadow primer. Both are really nice, very good results and no skin issues (primers tend to make my skin red-ish)! Pricing is also a great advantage and in fact a lot of their products can compare with high end brands that cost 3 or 4 times their money. 

Sigma brushes 

Talking about a new crush!! I bought two Sigma brushes in December from Bautybay and been using them ever since. And it has been great!! Especially the 3DHD Kabuki Brush is amazing! The shape is ideal for the entire face as you can use it in so many ways and use only one brush for the entire face! It was love at first sight!! 

How about you? Any new products to recommend?