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Secret Santa @ Work!!

hey guys!! Happy Holidays to everyone!

I’m so excited today for two main reasons : First of all cause I have some days off and I’m gonna be spending New Years Eve with my boyfriend, and secondly because we planned a Secret Santa at work and I got an amazing gift!! :)Now you know I tend to share my (beauty) secrets with ya but I actually never asked who my secret Santa was and it doesn’t really matter anyway cause just the fact that we all went for it and bought things for one another tells A LOT about how well we work together!

Anyway, with no further adue here’s what I got:

This is an Apivita ” Pure Jasmine” beauty set, including the shower gel, the moisturizing body milk and the hand cream!

I think you can tell how happy I am with this! Obviously whoever got this for me knows how crazy I am with natural beauty products! For those not familiar with what  Apivita is I would have to say check them out cause it is one of the best brands in their field, using naturally derived ingredients that are so good for your skin you can fill it from the first use! We are talking about full natural products and beauty recipes that your grand-grand mother would use, only with a modern twist!

Over the years I have found that my skin works better with natural products and that is why I shop a lot from brands like Apivita and Korres. I think that a more natural approach to our beauty routine would benefit us greatly in these crazy lives we live.

Have you tried any Apivita products? Make sure you check their website!