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Senreve Vegan Bags

Great news ladies!!!!! Senreve has finally launched a vegan handbags collection. Why this is great you ask? Well, to start with their bags are amazing, classy and very high quality. So if you are like me, loving the brand but never purchased a bag cause you don’t support real leather use for products then now its time to get excited!

The collection includes 9 different designs, several colors and of course their most known style, the Maestra bag in all sizes.

I have been following Senreve for quite some time but I was always hesitant to purchase a bag from them as I avoid leather. But I love their minimal style and from the reviews I’ve read all over the internet I was so impressed. So this is now a great opportunity to have the same style, same quality but without buying leather!

So what do you think?? Are you going to invest in one of these beautiful vegan leather bags or not? Let me know!

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