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Sofia Trip: What to see Where to eat!

Hey everyone! Its finally February ( I thought January would never end!!!) and I’ve been keeping my promise so far to post more often. This time I want to share with you the highlight of the previous month: My long weekend trip to Sofia. So if you think about it, I have already fulfill two of my New Years Resolutions, posting and travelling! Lets hope I’ll stick with both for the rest of the year too! 😛

Anyway, I had booked and planned the trips weeks in advance ( You Virgos out there know how we enjoy planning) so we manage to get a 5* Hotel in a pretty good price! We stayed at the Anel Hotel in the center of Sofia, so commuting was quite easy. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, the spa is great and the buffet delicious!!We spent hours at the Spa, as our trip was mainly about relaxing but that didn’t stop us from spending a hole day sightseeing in the snowy city. It was -7 during daytime and of course that is a freezing temperature for Greeks. But Sofia is such a beautiful city that we couldn’t stop exploring for more than 9 hours straight. We visited the Archaeological Museum, The city’s Cathedral, The Military museum (where the boys went nuts) and the Mall of Sofia. We did the entire route on foot so while walking we got to experience the real Sofia, strolling down the roads,photographing the parks and meeting the locals. It was a pretty good trip and I’m so happy the year began like that! One of the highlights though was the food. Yes, I know! We discovered a great tavern in the city called Pod Lipite and I highly recommend giving it a go if you visit Sofia! It has that rustic look and the food is soooooooooo delicious that we kept ordering and ordering!