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sparkling wishes….

Sunday fun-day they say and as it was my mum’s birthday we decided to pay a visit to Athens flea market for some shopping and walking around.  I have told you before how much I enjoy walking in these little street markets and browse people’s crafts. But today I made a great discovery..

It was just about to start raining. The streets were busy as people kept walking quicker and quicker. But as we were looking for a restaurant to eat something caught my eye. There was a girl standing behind a small table. She wasn’t like the rest of the sellers in the area. Dressed elegantly, wearing beautiful jewelry and smiling to everyone. I stopped by her table and was amazed. Beautifully handmade jewelry in many different designs and colors. The name was sparkling wishes and that is exactly what it was in deed!

As I found out each jewelry design has a unique purpose: It is a symbol.
I always love items that mean something. Jewelry are great and it’s my favorite weapon for styling an outfit. But jewelry become precious only when they reflect a part of you.
As I began browsing the collection I fell in love with the simplicity,the colors and the aesthetic of it. Each set has a neckless and a bracelet but obviously you can buy things  separately.
My mum bought 4 bracelets: 2 for myself and 2 for my sister.
I chose the infinity symbol,which is like my favorite symbol this year, and the small jigsaw puzzle. The first symbolizes the endless possibilities and the second that the missing piece in your life is next to you. Maybe I’m hopelessly romantic,but the bracelets’ cards have a special and deep meaning for each bracelet to me.
image (3) image (1) image (2)
Right after we chose the ones we loved my mum was offered one as a gift! I was again happily surprised! I don’t feel it happened for marketing reasons. I think it came straight from this girl’s heart and was a spontaneous decision,a “thank you” for spending so much time there.
While leaving I kept thinking my greatest mistake that day: I didn’t buy the matching neckless too!!!
if you wish to check their collection you can visit www.facebook.com/sparklingwishes