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Spring Fling

If you’re not living in Mars, or any of the seven newly NASA discovered planets, then you know the No1 for this Spring:Pink.

Zara made it pretty clear that we’re gonna be seeing it A LOT, and we all know that Zara is a trend setter among the retailers ( Hell, if Olivia can wear TLZ looks then who Am I to speak, right?). All jokes aside, pink has always been a Spring favorite, this year though we are talking about a more bold and vivid pink. From Culottes trousers, to shoes and trench coats, pink is here once again to help you make a statement.


80’s rock.And not just cause I was born in the 80’s (although pretty sure it has something to do with it). It was a time of experimentation, rock music, hip hop, hoodies, bumper jackets jokey hats and so many more fashion mistakes that we now know and love. So this time we’re doing the 80’s revised and better : You just need to see Gigi Hadid and her squad to find out how to rock the trend!


All time classic and spring inspiring florals are always in fashion. This year there’s a huge trend with velvet floral boots, which we absolutely love cause its so versatile and you can keep it in your closet for years, as both velvet and floral will not go out of fashion any day soon!

Also, keep in mind that Jeans now are embodied with flower details, which I adore sooooo much! Have my eyes on 2 versions, which you will be seeing soon (Probably on my Insta!).


off the shoulder tend is going strong in several variations. Either one shoulder off or both this is definitely one of my favorite trends this spring. I particularly love it in shirts, as it gives a great twist to an otherwise conservative look.


Now if you shop at Zara, like I do, you have noticed the corset trend. You have also noticed that their corsets are sold out, and have been since day one! No science here, this is a trend that will rock our Spring,and probably summer too, wardrobe.


 (images taken from Official websites of brands stated, Pinterest and Harpers Bazaar Magazine)