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The best present you can give : Donate your hair

It’s one of these times when you just have no words to express the greatness of some people’s soul. It’s just a few weeks away from Christmas and I have found the perfect gift we can all give to others: our hair.
Cancer is an aggressive disease that in its worse cases needs chemotherapy in order to be controlled. Most patients lose some or most of their hair during that period. Especially for women this can be extremely frustrating. In this difficult period all of us can help by donating our hair after a haircut for wigs from real hair to be made.

Synthetic wigs are quite affordable but don’t look natural so it is understood why women patients don’t prefer them. But wigs from natural hair obviously are more suitable and can help a woman (or a man, or a teenager) look and feel more normal and have something stable in their lives. Obviously this option is much more expensive than a synthetic wig, but if you could give to a cancer patient the joy of feeling normal and beautiful again wouldn’t you do it just by missing a few inches of your hair??

It is very simple to help. If your hair is healthy and you want to cut more than 7 inches then you can donate them and a wig will be created out of them! It is so simple and it can be your good deed this Christmas!!

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