The nail polish issue

As I promised I was testing nail polishes all week! Of course it’s not the first time I’m doing this, but it’s the first time I’m publishing it!
I have to admit that I’m a bit bias when it comes to the things I use in my everyday life and the products that are parts of my comfort zone. Nail polishes are truly one of my tricks for a neat look so the brands I’m using are obviously high in my list. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate other brands!
Now, what you need to be careful when it comes to nail polish is what you expect from it. For example, would you like a rich color? Should you prefer a mat result? It’s truly a matter of taste, but also a matter of performance: Does the product fit your expectations?
This is exactly what I will be doing for you now. Again, this is just my point of view! So if you have any objections feel free to comment and tell me what you think!!

Essie : 8.5
Essie is one of the brands that are widely used in beauty salons. It has a great selection of colors and shades and that is differently a plus. But it takes quite some time to dry and some of the pearly colors fade quickly.

MAC : 9.0
One of the classic choices obviously but also one of the pricy ones. I personally prefer the darker shades from MAC, and especially the red ones! The recent collaborations of this brand with celebrities that create their own lines is also a plus if you want to follow the trends.

Korres : 9.0
This is a Greek brand that now slowly becomes know worldwide. It has to be my favorite brand, and not only for nail polishes. It has a great variety of shades but I wouldn’t recommend the lighter shades because it needs 2 or even more applies in order to create a solid effect. But the red shades,the grey and by far the blue ones are truly great.

Chanel :9.5
Last but not least the most expensive suggestion: the classic yet always in fashion Les Vernis. Although it is easy to apply, has a great selection in colors I couldn’t just give 10. That “penalty” of 0.5 is only because of the price. If you are lucky enough though to travel a lot just look for it in the airport duty free to get it in the best price possible!

It is the most known brand when it come to nail polish. It has a great selection of colors and we have all used it at some point! Again the big disadvantage of this brand is the price,but if you’re thinking of getting and OPI nail polish try the Gwen Stefani collection released this month!

For me extremely important is to have a color that will last. It is quite pricy to have your nails done weekly, that’s why I have a decent selection of nail polishes and I do my nails myself. The colors I would recommend are all time classic red shades, blue and purple. Make sure you give a significant role to your nails when you create a look. What I love doing is adding a bright color to my nails when I’m wearing dark outfits!

How about you? Any favorite brands? Leave a comment and let me know!