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The Ordinary : Extraordinary serums

Hey darlings!

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Anywayz, as you may have seen in my ” products I tried this month” post I have put to the test three serums from The Ordinary. Keep in mind that it is the first time trying their products and since  serums are a necessity nowadays I’m not looking for a product that it’s “just OK”.

I placed my order form Deciem, which sells several brands, and their fast shipping and nice packaging is definitely making me order form them again in the future and maybe trying few more brands too.

Now I really wanted to try their serums as I’ve seen so many good reviews online. I placed my order strategically, getting one treatment for hair and skin, one anti-aging serum and one the dark spots. 

100% organic cold-pressed moroccan argan oil 

Argan oil is highly popular the past two years so no surprise so many companies have at least one version of it. I chose on purpose this one as it is dryer than other oils. I have oily hair so I don’t like products that make my hair greasy. This is just right! Nice shiny look without having to wash my hair daily. I haven’t tried it on the skin though so I might get back to ya about it soon!

Advanced retinol 2%

Definitely worth buying this one!I use it only on specific areas on my face, as it is quite strong and I still don’t have wrinkles, only some small lines mainly due to my constant facial expressions! So what I do is apply one small drop to the lanes on my forehead and one for the lines around my lips. What is left on my fingers I gently tap it under my eyes every second day. I have seen a great difference on my lines and will keep using it to prevent any future wrinkles!

Alpha arbutin 2% + ha 

OMG! That is THE ultimate product from their line! I have no words to describe how much I loved it from the very first use. The main idea is to reduce the spots and pigmentation and as my skin is oil I always look for products like these. I didn’t have high hopes, as we all know most brands tend to oversell their products, but this product proved me sooo wrong from day one. Texture is so much better, less irritation and black spots, less oily skin and sooooo  much brighter complexion! Love it! If its one thing you’re getting from this brand make sure its this one!