The trick to a perfect and healthy body!

It’s a crazy life we’re living. The more hectic the rhythms are the more difficult it gets to remain healthy.
There are no words to describe how much I hate diets! I can’t stick to one, no matter how hard I try! That’s why I’m always trying to find my way around it!

The secret for a healthy life is to know where to draw the line: Know your body’s limits to food and exercise and find which foods you metabolize faster (each one of us has different, although some foods are quite obvious to figure out that can help everyone!).

For me my biggest nemesis is crisps: I couldn’t seem to resist in any way and although I knew how bad it was for me I couldn’t stop eating them. So what did I do? I found the root of this problem: I kept a diary of my eating habits (you can check lifesum for that) and realized how terrible for my health that habit was. Also, I noticed that I was eating crisps only when I was sad or angry!

So once you know what is bad for you and what causes the craving for it, you can start changing the situation to your benefit!in my case I trained myself to do other stuff when I was angry or sad, that kept my mind of crisps- and believe me that wasn’t easy! It was a difficult addiction to fight.

Water was a huge ally to me. If you drink a lot of water you help your body remove the toxins and fat faster, it keeps you hydrated when you exercise and of course it’s essentially important for your skin health. So add few more glasses of water to your daily routine, and pretty soon you will feel the results.

Once you decide you really want to change your eating habits in order to maintain a healthier life it’s time you start actually doing it : have small, frequent, light meals. What I love is protein bars! You can use commercial ones (All brant and Fitness both have very tasty cereal and grain bars you can buy) or you can create your own bars, made to fill up your personal needs!

Add yogurt to your eating routine! I prefer 2% fat yogurt and I always add either fruit or Fitness cereals. I love eating it for dinner or breakfast! Remember: never skip breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day and it’s ok to eat bigger breakfast because you will burn all its calories during the day.

Exercise whenever you can! You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, in fact you don’t even have to go there! Go long walks frequently and if the weather permits it start cycling twice a week! It’s a great exercise and it’s fun too! Also you can do some sit ups! They are great for your body and the results are obvious almost from the beginning!

For cellulite my biggest secret is caffeine-based body scrubs!! Use it three times a week for a smooth skin. There is a great variety of body scrubs, some of them for dry and some of them for wet appliance and a huge collection of flavor sand scents.

Remember! Strict diets can never give you the same results as a healthy diet! They may be faster but differently not beneficial for your health.
Try a different approach in stead: fruit, vegetables, exercise and a lot of water to your everyday diet plan! And of course positive attitude! When you are in a good mood only good things can happen to ya!!

If necessary, lose weight slowly and gradually! This way you will maintain your desirable weight once you reach it. I need to lose 3kg before summer comes, so I won’t wait until May to do so. I’m starting now to exercise more( I’m finally joining the gym!!) and I drink juice, green tea and of course water many times a day! And that’s it!!

What about you? Getting ready for summer yet or waiting till the last minute?
Have you tried any of my tricks?