The Youth Lab is fab

It’s been 8 days since I began using products from the Youth Lab. I found out about this brand about a month ago by chance,as I was browsing Instagram. I was a bit skeptical over trying new products in the middle of summer cause my skin is at its worst then so I’m rarely happy,but I gave it a try anyway. When the package arrived I noticed the minimal yet eye catching boxes and the many samples that came with my order. I think it’s a great marketing opportunity and all my readers know how good I feel over samples!
I got the brush and the gel for combination- oily skin but didn’t hope for much.. And then I was pleasantly surprised! I noticed even from day one than my skin was more deeply cleaned when using the brush. Although it’s not an electric brush and obviously it requires brushing your face for a couple of minutes it’s still a pleasant experience!

The most noticeable result from only a week of use is how much longer my face remains oily free! Before the Youth Lab treatment my face would remain “clean” for about an hour after washing it in the morning. But now,and the more I use it, I find my skin maintaining that freshness for much longer! Just washing it and using the brush morning and evening is all it takes to keep my skin fresh all day long!

Another thing I absolutely adored is how easily the gel is removed with water from the skin. It doesn’t take much time or effort and no soap remains on the skin to block the pores! And that for a girl with oily skin is a life savior,I’m telling ya!!
What about you guys? Have you ever tried Youth Lab’s products? Let me know!!