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this can be the best year of your life..


It’s finally February ,we’re done with the holidays so it’s time to finally focus and start planning this year. The past few weeks I have been wondering about my future and my goals. Are they realistic? Am I a dreamer or have I settled for less than I could have? These questions troubled me for some time. But then I realized it’s all in my head. Not just these troubling thoughts, but their solutions too!
You can be whoever you wanna be. I can be whoever I wanna be! But you have to start now! Time flies so quickly so you’d better hurry!

And this can actually be the best year of your life! How? Let me show you..

First of all you need to set your goals straight and come up with a “wish list”. First with the things you want do to in 2015. And then a long term list,with all the goals you wish to achieve in the next few years.

Then plan how to achieve these goals: is it weight loss? Then join the gym and start eating healthier! Make a progress board and be happy whenever you get a step closer to your goal! Be happy with what you accomplish and make sure you build a support system ( friends and family!).
You want to become successful at work? Make a schedule with all the activities needed, be bold and brave when you express your opinion at work and educate yourself: learn a new language, attend a seminar… Make yourself more valuable at work!

This post is not just about you,my readers, is also for me. I’m always postponing things,quitting the gym once I lose few pounds, changing my goals.. So this time I’m doing it right! And you can do it too!!
Prioritize your needs,set goals, work harder than ever: for you! You don’t need to please anybody but yourself this year.
Don’t waste any more time. Be who you wanna be, today!