This week in pics

I should start a reality show, I mean it!! It’s like I can’t catch a break! This was supposed to be my week off, the only week in the entire summer when I could rest and enjoy the sea( I really miss it..). But noooooo, things had to happen!

First of all my uncle had a cardiac arrest and we were all crazy worried. He is fine now, but he gave us quite a scare the first days! After that incident someone had to deal with the bureaucracy and since I’m the calm one in the family..!!

On the fun parts of this week, I decided to have another giveaway for all of you guys! (Check out the following link for info ).


I have prepared my second piece for Fashion Worked this week and its all about summer! Unfortunately I can’t reveal anything else at the moment but I’m very happy working with Ross and hope we can keep doing this!


I also enjoyed the shopping this time,since I took my sister to look for a dress for this wedding we are attending tonight. Here’s the look I’m wearing and also a little extra I found on great sale at H&M!



A minor setback though to my plans for a very glamorous look: my foot!! Hopefully it won’t cause any troubles tonight at the wedding!!