Toni and Guy shampoo treatment

It’s always nice to share a positive review with you guys! Since my last shampoo fiasco I decided to spend some extra cash in order to get the desired results.
This time I trusted Toni & Guy and specifically the nourish line, because my hair needed immediate care against split ends and instant repair.
It’s not the first time I’ve tried one of their products but it was the first time I’ve tried their shampoos.

From the beginning I understood that this was not just a shampoo. It is specifically designed for damaged hair and the idea is not just to cleanse them but also help them grow stronger.My hair looked and felt cleaner and brighter and it was so much easier to style them.
What I absolutely adore and won’t stop using is the nourish reconstruction hair mask! I found it rejuvenating and now it’s absolutely essential for my hair routine. I find it very difficult to change my hair mask any time soon and I can’t wait to try more products!