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Turning my entire skincare routine cruelty free..

Hey guys! How are you? What have you been up to? 

It’s finally July so I’m pretty sure you’ve planned your vacays by now! Any destinations I should be jealous about?? This year I won’t have any vacation days during summer so only few long weekends at the summer house for me!! (Big plans for Fall though).

Time for a life update: the past month and a half I have turned my entire skincare and makeup routine cruelty free.It has been a very serious decision for me,one I’ve been thinking about for months. Although I knew that several brands are still testing on animals I hadn’t realized that even the brands that are produced in EU (and therefore banned from animal testing here) could still be testing on animals when selling in China.

For me that was a huge revelation. From the moment I looked a bit deeper on the matter and found out about all my (former) favorite brands and their shady policy outside EU something changed inside.

I went to my bathroom cabinets and literally threw out all of the products that were testing animals, even if not in EU. I cannot describe how emotional yet liberating this was for me.

For me this was a life changing decision: The idea of buying from brands that would hurt animals was so repulsive that without any hesitation I changed overnight everything.

In reality, throwing away your staff is an easy task. Finding other brands and products to replace them.. well, that’s a totally different story! Thank God nowadays there are plenty of options for all tastes and budgets!

Makeup Revolution

That brand saved my life! I have used it before but since it is cruelty free and with several vegan options too it became my favorite! I have their makeup and concealer, several eye shadow palettes and mists and their hair dyes!

Treacle moon

Oh the joy this brand brings me.. Shower gels and creams in the most amazing scents! I adore their coconut island body scrub and their raspberry hand cream so much I always buy them on bulk!


Korres has been the love (brand) of my life for years. I was pretty concerned when they opened stores in China but to my relief they have closed them recently so still a great cruelty free brand! Their day creams, body lotions and nail polishes are just few of the products I love using!

I will be uploading several posts in the next few weeks with more brands and more products (high end brands, budget friendly, Amazon buys etc) that are cruelty free so stay tuned guys!!!! Also, If you have any suggestions let me know!!!!