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Twisted mirror : Why can’t we see ourselves like others do

So  I was with my boyfriend for coffee the other day and I girl walked in. I saw her and just said ” why can’t I just look like her?”.
That has to be a question you’ve all asked yourselves at least once,right?
So why does that happen? Why we see some random person on the street and get so envious that our confidence goes down the sink?
After my jealousy outbreak my boyfriend pointed that this girl wasn’t as pretty as I thought. And right at this moment it hit me: It was an ordinary girl! I thought she was skinny but in reality she wasn’t slimmer than me. Ok,she was taller but  the high heels she was wearing were the ones making her looking like a model!

My epiphany at this point was simple. It’s all a matter of confidence. That girl entered the cafeteria feeling like NO 1 so we all believed her!
I kept looking at her to study her reactions and I noticed how she would flip her hair when she was laughing,or slightly picking up her sleeves so her jewelry would “appear” or sitting straight to make her body look longer.
Her outfit was simple but smartly chosen to draw attention to her best features and hide all the flaws.
We all do that when we have a date or an interview but only when you manage to really know yourself and love it you can achieve that “zen” state of mind.

Fake it till you make it?

Yes and no! You have to be comfortable in your own skin. It’s your body,your style,your mood so your rules! I’m trying to do the same the past two years and my blog has been my fashion journal so you know what I’m talking about!
It’s not about knowing what’s trending now, it’s about knowing who you are and how you look your best but still feel yourself! Your emotional state obviously has a great impact,so try to stay positive and love all your best features! That’s how you’ll feel good about yourself and have be in the mood to reinvent yourself in the end!