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Tyra Banks


There is something unique about Tyra. That girl has something remarkable and I’m not only talking about her style. It’s one of those rare women who can change your perspective once you notice them.
I never had a false idea about models. Sure there are beautiful women but still I always understood how hard most of them work for that beauty. I am also well aware of the fact that beauty comes and goes..
So the reason why I admire Tyra so much is her ability to adjust and evolve. After her glorious modeling career (remember that she modeled during the greatest era of modeling with all the other supermodels) she didn’t just rest. University degree- and not just from any university! Harvard ladies!- tv shows, magazines, books, photography, singing, publication group and so much more! It is amazing how talented some people can be.

But it’s not just her talent that I admire. It’s her perseverance and fierceness too. Imagine how strong a person can be and how hard she must have worked with herself to fully understand her potentials and work her ass off for what she wants. For me she is my role model. And I’m not kidding at all. If I had a job interview or a university interview this minute and I was asked who my role model is I would say with no hesitation “Tyra Banks”.

It might sound silly to some of you, but as a fashion blogger and future (hoping) stylist I am proud when I see people in the fashion industry that represent the intelligent side of it. Instead of partying all the time, getting involved in scandals and having one rich boyfriend after another to support them financially, it is always nice to say ” she did it on her own” ” she “deserves your respect and applause”. It is always good to know that size zero is not the only acceptable size, that you can be beautiful if you love and respect yourself (no girls, that’s not just a line an ugly girl would say), that a person can have more than one shades and that if you work hard and you love what you’re doing you have good chances on succeeding. It is consoling to think that someone who has everything is still a human full of emotions. Someone that wants to give instead of always taking. For all these reasons (and many more) Tyra is this week’s fashion icon.

Now for the stylistic part of this post:
Tyra is a chameleon: she is a new Tyra everyday. Depending on her mood and the occasion Tyra transforms from the girl next door to the most glamorous persona! Here are some of my fav looks!





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