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What I’ve learned from bleaching my hair 3 times in a month

Hey guys,what’s up! 

I’m going through some major hair changes here and as the title self explains I have bleached my hair 3 times in order to do so. Let me explain: my natural hair color is black. Over the years,and with all the coloring that has happened, it has turned a bit more of a dark brown but still pretty dark. 

I have a thing with hair changes. I love colors and get bored really easily so whenever I have the chance I like trying out new things. The past few months I had an itch to get blonder than I have ever tried. This is not easy obviously for a dark brunette!! I went to a salon and the reply was “let’s start with some highlights first”. I said ok and we did that but it wasn’t enough for me. So I decided to take things into my own hands!!

I have dyed my hair many times in the past so deciding to do it myself wasn’t very difficult. little did I know that the task of bleaching is very hard!

After much study (aka countless Youtube videos and Pinterest searches) I thought I was up to the task!

First bleach obviously didn’t turn my hair blonde. It actually made them purple. This is pretty normal when you have dark hair. I had already decided I would do the proccess within a weekend and not just all at once and thank God! So after the first bleach I put some really nourishing hair mask, left it for as long as I could and then applied nourishing oil and left it over night. This helped my hair a lot I’ve got to say, and I think this might have been the thing that saved them from severe damage!

The next day I went with the second bleach.Then dyed the hair with a Silver/blonde color by Igora (I used a combination of two different silver shades from the Royal Highlifts series). My hair were finally blonde but not entirely! Color was Just amazing in most parts BUT my roots and few parts (mostly in the back of my head) were a bit darker,Like a dark blonde. Obviously when you do the entire thing youself you miss few spots so that was the thing! Still, the results were pretty impressive.

here’s a closeup of the first attempt (bleached twice and colored but still with few “darker”spots)

I decided to leave my hair alone for 2 weeks but in order to minimize the color difference I bought an anti-brass shampoo. This made a huge difference with only two applies so I definitely recommend getting one if you blonde hair turn orange.If you want to remove yellow then go with the classic silver/purple shampoo!

So Monday was the time (after two full weeks) for the third and last bleach. Of course there was no need to apply it to all my hair. I just did the roots and only the parts that were still darker than what I wanted. Hair color has been impoved very much now and it’s almost as if I had done it professionally.

final result

Obviously doing it at a hair salon would have saved me a lot of time and probably a lot of damage but I really wanted to try doing it myself at least one! Plus now it is only going to be easier as I would only have to do my roots every 5-6 weeks (which knowing me means I will only do it once again before I change again entirely my hair color!).

Considering the amount of bleach that has been on my hair the past month or so hair don’t look that bad. Next week I’m also getting a hair cut to remove some inches of damaged hair just to revive it a bit!