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when your style has a change of heart

I have been looking lately some pics of mine from 5 years ago. I was in my mid twenties and I was much more loose and relaxed. I didn’t care much for my clothes and although I had a thing for fashion I wasn’t really interested in trying much.
When I compare myself with how I looked back then I see a great difference. But that’s normal,right? We grow up,start working or have a family. But that’s not the only reasons why our style changes!


I personally discover while reminiscing lately that I have changed my style the most in the past year and a half. And that was mainly a personal choice.
The important thing for me is how someone can stay true to her personally when “transitioning” from one style to another!
Now, Rome wasn’t built in a day so it’s impossible for that to happen for you in less time! Some transitions happen without even knowing,slowly and gradually through time, but some happen after a very important decision.
For me it was a little bit of both: I grew older and got a job but I have also decided that I want to create a “better me”. But the hole point is  not to lose yourself in this process.
As I have told you many times before,setting a goal is your number one priority if you decide to change your style. How do you want to look like? And most importantly, why?? Don’t just change cause a guy likes something else than who you are. Or don’t just change because you wanna look like someone else.
My best advice is that It has to be your decision based on what you truly like and how you imagine your “best” self to be!

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