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Why taking few days away from everything is always a good idea..

So I know that most of you are next to a beach somewhere,sipping cocktails and Instagramming about it but I am at work, doing the night shift and thinking of the last vacation I took. Now this time I didn’t go on a roadtrip or in one of the islands, but instead we decided to go to my boyfriend’s country house,only an hour away from Attica. Although I had 6 hole days we felt so tired and didn’t really want to start looking for hotels and places to visit. In reality, I only needed to sleep and eat, and of course see the beautiful blue sea and relax.

Weather was not ideal, the beach bar had the music a little bit too loud for my taste at night and I managed to destroy one of my swimsuits, but still : It was a break from reality I really needed.

I’m a multitasker, or to be precise, I’m the definition of a multitasker. I work on shifts, I attend an online seminar for tourism,I’m about to begin a new Bachelor in a field I know very little about, I blog, I write .. I swear, sometimes I seriously would need 5 more hours in the 24h day just to have some time to sleep.All that (plus all the family stress) led to my crazy need for some time away from everything.

So all I did was sleep (like, A LOT!), eat (also A LOT!!) and lay on the beach (the days that wasn’t raining..).

We also didn’t have a good internet connection so I stayed off the grid for most of the day and only posted few pics on social media. I actually found that a bit liberating, not worrying about that and remembering those days in the distant past where we would just call our friends to talk about what’s up and not having that constant need to post.

We all need some moments just to ourselves. Re-charging our batteries, setting priorities,relaxing and finding our inner strength, especially in this hectic lifestyle we have in the cities. So I have decided at least once a year to take 3 days off,away from everything and focus on myself. It might sound selfish but if you’re not happy with yourself, if you’re tired,bored,stressed these feelings reflect on your relationship with others too.It has an impact on your work performance, your house,your friends. So make sure you find the time ,every now and then, to do something just for you. If you can’t take 3 days off then don’t. Simply spend an afternoon alone, pamper yourself at home and just relax. Go and visit an area in your city you have never been before,explore as if you were a tourist.Do something spontaneous, like an activity you haven’t tried before!

What I’m saying is, life is too short and full with obstacles and problems so don’t waste the precious moments of peace just by sitting still!