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Why we love the Olsen sisters

I’ve always been inspired by women how follow their own path. Especially when it happens in such young age I can’t help but admire -and be a little jealous- over them. This week I’m sharing with you the reasons why I absolutely adore the Olsen sisters.

1)They are trend setters

Yes,half the trends you’re following religiously began from the Olsen sisters!!


2) it takes two to tango

Most entrepreneurs begin a lonely road to success. But these girls combined their brains and styles in order to create an empire.

3) small sized perfumes are the most expensive
petite women are usually considered to be weak. But trust me these girls are fully empowered and determined. They began as actresses in a very young age but that didn’t stop them from breaking all the cliches and change their status from actresses to designers to Girl Bosses.


4) they don’t rest but keep trying new things and being creative
There never ending hunger for innovation and creativity in admirable! They never settle and always find ways to become innovative.


Images taken from Pinterest